JBO August 2010 Info

Posted by: jboadmin
Jul 2010

     Well its started,  as the first cameras have been put out we are already getting calls for the pictures!  We are going to do things a little different this year.  Since we have the new site that allows us to upload pics daily we will be doing so there and not sending them by email.  This will keep us from forgetting someone in the process and allow everyone to see them.

     The bunkhouse is not completed yet but getting close.  As with any construction process deadlines are for the optimistic and not reallity.  It looks great and recent pictures will be posted soon.

     Also JBO is on Bill Jordons Realtree outdoors July 25th and Aug 1.  Check out the show if you have time and let us know what you think.   Two months till 2010 kicks off with the first hunt we cant wait!!!!!!!!!!


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